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I started Gallant Physical Therapy to be able to provide comprehensive, patient-specific physical therapy care in Seattle. My mission is to allow patients to be in control of their rehabilitation and experience the difference of specialized physical therapy care. My goal is always to help my patients reach their individual goals.


While I am an orthopedic-specialist, I know that for many, muscles and joints are just the surface-level issues. I have extensive manual therapy training and believe treating my patients as whole beings with interconnected systems. I blend manual therapy techniques to help you feel better today and neuromuscular techniques to help keep you feeling better tomorrow.



It never ceases to amaze me how far reaching the effects of exercise have on our health. I am passionate about helping my patients lead active lives.  I have extensive experience treating orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions across the lifespan.


By utilizing my advanced manual therapy and neuromuscular reeducation training, I design individual and holistic treatment plans for each person.  I enjoy being able to “connect the dots” for my patients who are experiencing multiple areas of concerns. I believe it's necessary to take into consideration the whole body to address movement and breathing dysfunction and deeply value a collaborative approach when needed. Routinely I partner with Seattle’s best physicians, dentists and optometrists to provide truly comprehensive care.


Beyond my typical clinical work, I take great pride in my education roles. I have been a consulting physical therapist with the Pacific Northwest Ballet School of Ballet since 2017, working with student dancers to pre-professionals providing care and education.  I am also a clinical instructor for the University of Washington’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program.


Outside of work, I enjoy the time I get to spend with my husband and my energetic little kids who keep me busy.  In my downtime, I enjoy reading as much as I can. I am most proud to be a wife, mother and physical therapist who is actively involved with organizations in Seattle that support the advancement of women.

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